The Commercial Factor of Genomic Medicine

The publishing of the sequence of human genome in 2001 turned out to be a hallmark achievement. Since then, it has been viewed how this sequencing is going to various aspects like the understanding of the healthcare model. The ability to sequence at a faster and affordable rate has given credence to the concept of personalized medicine as well.

The idea is to provide medicine based upon DNA sequence. Owing to sequencing, the function of many genes and what is their impact from disease point of view is understandable. For instance, the role of BRCA genes for causing breast cancer has been studied using genome wide analysis studies. The same case applies for the role of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) and how it is important in causing some diseases. Furthermore, these SNPs can cause resistance to some medicines. Read more…

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How To Find The Best Drug Addiction And Recovery Center

ID-100114149Drug and substance abuse is one of the greatest challenges facing most teenagers and adults in the modern world. As the cases of drug abuse and addiction continue to rise every day, so many people are usually interested in finding the best recovery centers to help them or their loved ones refrain from this dangerous habit.

It is true that there are so many rehabilitation centers in various states in the U.S. but not all of them may offer the best services that suit the particular condition of your beloved one. For example, if you are looking for the best drug rehabilitation Michigan has to offer, you have to take your time to evaluate the personal condition of your beloved one and the overall qualities of that particular facility.

The treatment plan

Most patients normally struggle so hard with the withdrawal symptoms, especially when they are heavily addicted to a particular drug or alcoholic drink. It is therefore important to ensure that the selected facility provides the ultimate treatment plan that goes inline with the current condition of the patient. A good example is the administration of detoxification plans. This method helps in liberating the patient from drug addiction, thus making it easier to quit this habit at a faster rate. Read more…

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What are problems with Head Injury?

Head injury is trauma/injury (blunt injury or non-blunt head injury) to head, which also may or may not include brain injury. There are various types of head injuries. A head injury may be open or close. In close head injury (mostly blunt injury), the dura mater remains intact. There may be fracture of skull.ID-10055612

How common is head injury?

The incidence of head injury as well as death due to head injury (and brain injury) varies in different countries. For example, the incidence of new cases of head injury is approximately 300 per 100,000 populations per year in most developed countries. The death rate varies e.g. in UK (United Kingdom) the death rate from head injury is nine per 100,000 populations per year, whereas in US and North America it is as high as 25, per 100,000 populations per year.

Head injury commonly leads to following problems:

  • Laceration (cut injury) scalp and hemorrhage from scalp.
  • Fracture of skull
  • Edema of brain tissue, which result in rain in intracranial pressure which if left untreated may damage brain Read more…

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Sudden cardiac arrest is literally the taking away of your breath in an instant. It can happen to anyone and is turning from mildly rare to increasingly common. The heart ceases to beat suddenly thus resulting in the stoppage of cardiac function. Stopping of the heart leads to losing of consciousness and breathing. There will also be an absence of blood pressure and pulse. The person can lose life within a space of minutes if resuscitation efforts aren’t carried out right away. The terms given for it by doctors are Sudden Cardiac Death and Sudden Death.ID-10043351


* Ventricular Fibrillation: Being the commonest of cardiac arrest causes, it happens when chaotic electrical activity replaces the heart muscle contraction – which includes electrical, normal and regular activation – causing the stoppage of heart beat. Hence, the heart doesn’t pump blood to the various organs as well as the utmost important organ: the brain. If the brain doesn’t receive blood flow less than five minutes of the arrest, the consequences could let to the damaging of the brain permanently and/or death.

* Respiratory Arrest: If the breathing function stops, oxygen doesn’t reach the heart leading to cardiac arrest.

* Other Causes: Drowning, electrocution, trauma and choking.

So What Leads to Cardiac Arrest? What Can You Do?

* Not eating healthy that is regularly consuming tropical oils and high saturated fats accelerates atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, and obesity. A person’s cholesterol level must never be more than 200. Plus comparing to HDL, total cholesterol mustn’t exceed 5 times). Switching to heart healthy diet and a lot of exercise can help maintain the required level of cholesterol. Read more…

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How HIV Evades Immune System?

HIV has unique ability to evade the immune system of host. By evading the immune system the HIV gets the first foothold on a host (human) and evades the control and elimination of infection by the host. There are several mechanisms by which HIV evade the host immune system.ID-10030956

After getting the foothold in a human host, the HIV establishes a sustained level of replication of virus. The new generations of HIV also evade the host immune system by mutation and recombination and maintain viral diversity. Due to very high rate of virus replication as well as continuous mutation (responsible for vaccine ineffectiveness) the neutralizing antibodies that are formed by host defense can not neutralize the rapidly replicating and continuously mutating HIV.

The envelope proteins gp120 and gp41 are the main targets of neutralizing antibodies against HIV. But these neutralizing antibodies are evaded by HIV, by increased glycosylation of the envelope, by changing the primary sequence of the envelope, and masking of neutralizing epitopes. Read more…

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Aussies Caught between Caring too Much or too Little about Weight Issues

Concerns with one’s external appearance, look, and tonus, are generally perceived as a positive motivational factor. People who care what they look like will mind what they eat and try their best to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle – as popular wisdom will have it. Recent psychological research, however, has revealed an alternative take on the matter. There seems to be a thin line between caring how one looks and developing an unhealthy, obsessive-compulsive attitude toward food, and Australia is no exception to this eating disorder-generating mindset. On the one hand, an increasing number of Australian female teenagers are being diagnosed with bulimia, anorexia, or other syndromes on the same spectrum. On the other hand, Australian children are not being monitored that closely for signs of obesity. Meanwhile, Aussies are becoming more and more dissatisfied with their body image, almost in spite of eating disorder prevention programs funded by the federal government. The solution?Nurturing a more balanced attitude toward food, educating individuals in nutrition basics, and emphasizing personal wellbeing as a lifestyle choice.

How Fat Are Our Children, Really?

One 2006 study, which analyzed mothers’ attitudes toward the weight of their preschoolers, found that there is a clear double standard at work in shaping them. The research was conducted on over 300 four-year olds, whose body mass indices were assessed in comparison with those of their peers. Their parents were also handed out a questionnaire, meant to gauge whether or not they perceived the children’s weight as problematic. While 19 per cent of all children were found to be overweight or obese, only 5 per cent of their mothers showed concern over the situation. Mothers of overweight girls generally displayed more concern, as did the women who had a personal history of weight issues, or whose spouses had gone through such difficulties. A disquieting 70 per cent of overweight kids’ mothers thought their children to be of normal weight compared to their peers.

What Are We Teaching Teens about Eating Disorders?

Researchers from the School of Psychology with Flinders University in Adelaide found that the right type of education on weight issues can make a genuine difference in the lives of Aussie teens. They analyzed the reactions of 500 students in Grade 8, both male and female, with an average age of 13.62, to a media literacy educational program. The study clearly revealed that it’s important to educate teens of both genders on the existence of stereotypes about personal appearance. The students who took part in the eight-lesson course displayed significantly lower concerns about their weight and shape. This may just indicate that kids will respond better to such initiatives if targeted from an early age, instead of simply being lectured on the dangers of anorexia and bulimia. Such educational programs on eating disorders are usually addressed to girls in their late teens, by which time it’s plausible to assume that they’ve already been exposed to a fair share of such issues, either through dealing with them personally, or through observing their effect on their peers.

It’s All about Balance

A 2002 review of eating disorder prevention initiatives outlined the fact that Australian women deal with body image issues even when they have no objective cause for concern. Women with a normal or lower-than-normal body weight were found to be worried about their body mass; many of them consequently resorted to questionable methods for weight loss, such as crash dieting, binge eating bouts followed by fasts, abuse of laxatives, etc.. The study, which was conducted by a psychology researcher with the University of Melbourne, concluded that it will take more than just a few programs to deal with the problem efficiently. What Australia really needs, in order to feel better about its weight, is for such initiatives to sanction toxic environments, which drive women and men to mentally misrepresent their own bodies.

Binge eating is oftentimes caused by emotional lacks, which the sufferer perceives as insurmountable through therapeutic means, thus leading them to resort to extreme behaviors. An unhealthy attitude toward food is usually noticeable by the sufferer’s peers and dear ones; it can go either way (anorexia or bulimia), or it can take on several forms at once. Like any detrimental habit, poor nutritional choices cause both physical and emotional damage: they deepen self-image issues, while also weakening one’s circulatory system, bone system, and deteriorating hair and skin.

Binge eating has been reportedly solved through psychotherapy, which includes journaling and working closely with one’s therapist toward improving eating habits. Hypnotherapy has also worked wonders, as it is known to do with any addiction issue. Through neuro-linguistic programming and reimagining one’s life as binging-free, anyone can attain such results with the aid of a trained professional.

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What is Amenorrhea?

Amenorrhea is the absence of menstruation. Amenorrhea can be and has been customary to divide into physiological amenorrhea and pathological amenorrhea. Physiological amenorrhea is self explanatory and easy to find out the cause. History reveals the cause of physiological amenorrhea. But pathological amenorrhea is quite difficult to find out the cause. Thorough examination and knowledge of endocrinology is essential in the diagnosis of pathological amenorrhea. The cause of amenorrhea may be quite easy to identify, but sometimes it may be very difficult to detect, than a complete investigation is required including hormone assay. ID-10095371

Primary amenorrhea can be defined as absence of menstruation by the age of 16 years or in presence of well-developed secondary sex characters menstruation do not start by age of 14 years. Secondary amenorrhea can be defined as amenorrhea of 6 months or more in a woman with previously normal menstruation, in absence of pregnancy.

Amenorrhea is classified as mentioned before into physiological amenorrhea and pathological amenorrhea:

Physiological Amenorrhea:

Physiological amenorrhea includes

  • Pre pubertal (before puberty there is no menstruation in females) amenorrhea, before puberty and start of first menstruation, there is amenorrhea.
  • Pregnancy (during pregnancy menstruation stops due to growing of fetus inside uterus) and lactation (during lactation for first 3-4 months there is no menstruation, but sometimes pregnancy can occur at this time with out presence of menstruation and this is due to maturation of ovum in absence of menstruation).
  • Post menopausal (menopause is permanent and complete stoppage of menstruation). All the types of physiological amenorrhea are self-explanatory.

Read more…

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Pictures worth 1,000 Words: The Effectiveness of Graphic Smoking Warnings

httpnethealthsite.comTobacco cigarette warnings have been at the core of a long-standing controversy. On the one hand, cigarette producers are arguing that the warnings, which are often graphic and created with shock value in mind, get disregarded and are ultimately ineffective. Parent groups and organizations from around the world have also voiced opinions against them, since they claim they are pointlessly causing anxiety in their children. Last, but not least, media pundits have also questioned their effectiveness, by arguing that no hard and heavy smoker is going to quit on account of a well-crafted sentence and shocking picture attached to it. However, a recent study completed in a collaborative effort by Legacy and the Harvard School of Public Health may just effectively counter all the above arguments.

The study is one of the first ever completed, which examines the link between pictorial and verbal warnings on cigarette packs, which were adopted in the United States as a direct consequence of the Family Smoking and Prevention Tobacco Control Act, passed in 2009. The study has revealed that warnings printed on pack sleeves, which also include visuals, are much more effective in reducing tobacco cigarette consumption than those which are text-based only. Read more…

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Preeclampsia Causes and Risk Factors during Pregnancy

What is preeclampsia?

Preeclampsia is onset of high blood pressure (more than 140/90 mm of Hg) and protein in urine known as proteinuria (more than 300 mgs of protein in urine in 24 hours) after 20 weeks of gestation.

What is the cause of preeclampsia?

The actual cause or mechanism of development of preeclampsia is not clearly known, but the main abnormality in preeclampsia is endothelial dysfunction, hypertension, and proteinuria, which is most like due to decreased secretion of placental growth factor, which is in turn due to excessive placental secretion of fms-like tyrosine kinase 1 which is a naturally occurring vascular endothelial growth factor antagonist and oppose the endothelial growth factor.

What are the risk factors of development of preeclampsia?

The risk factors which may be associated with increased chance of developing preeclampsia are nulliparity (single pregnancy or single child), prior history of preeclampsia, diabetes mellitus, history of renal disease, chronic essential hypertension, extremes of maternal age (more than 35 years or less than 15 years), obesity, angiotensinogen gene T235, G20210A prothrombin gene mutation, antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, and multiple pregnancy like twins or triplets. If a woman develops there is risk of stroke even at near normal blood pressure due to certain susceptibility. Read more…

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Buying Steroids Online

The Internet has quickly changed the way people are doing things. It has also changed the way that people shop. You can buy practically anything online these days, and that includes steroids. If you have been looking for steroids online, then you know that they can be difficult to locate, but if you try hard enough, then you should have no problems locating them. There are plenty of people that want to know where to buy steroids online. This is a pretty common request.

If you are looking for steroids, then there is a good chance that you are already working out pretty heavily. This means that you are hanging out with other people that are working out too. This can be the best place to start your research, but be careful. Steroids are a tricky subject, and some people might take offense to you asking them if they know where to find some.

If you happen to know someone that is already using them, then they are the best place to start your search. They should be more than happy to tell you where to locate some steroids.

If you are still not having any luck finding them, then you are going to need to start searching on your own. The Internet is a great place to start. Go to your favorite search engine, and start searching. This is the research phase. You are not going to be buying anything yet. At this point, you need to locate several different suppliers. Once you have located a few suppliers, it is time to start narrowing down your choices. You can use the Internet to do this as well.

Start by searching for online company reviews. You should have no problems finding plenty of people talking about which supplier they prefer to use. That is another thing that the Internet has changed. It has given people a voice. It has given them a way to speak their mind about a specific product or service. People love to talk about their experiences when they purchase things online, and steroid purchases are no different. You will find plenty of people talking about what works, and what does not work. You will also find plenty of people sharing the places where they make their purchases.

If you want to find something on the Internet, it is just a matter of putting a little bit of hard work and time into it. You will get the results that you want, as long as you try.

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